January 2013

Should we expect sportsmanship nowadays?

Shane Warne, Marlon Samuels, Lance Armstrong, Kurt Tippett – all recent examples of individuals breaking the moral code known as ‘sportsmanship’. But should we be at all surprised with such occurrences in the 21st century? Put a foot wrong on a sporting field nowadays, or indeed off it should you be an elite level sportsperson, […]

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Time to call stumps on Cricket Australia’s rotation policy

It is a complete and utter fallacy to say that bowlers nowadays have greater workloads than players of the past. It is the workload argument that is the primary reason for Cricket Australia’s latest innovation – the oft questioned, and dare I say criticized, rotation policy. It is a policy that has not been designed […]

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Should we bother about doping in sport?

The biggest sports story of last year was the shaming of Lance Armstrong as an out and out cheat – a man who had largely defrauded the millions of fans, race organizers and corporate sponsors who had fallen under his spell. Travis Tygart, the head of the United States Anti-Doping Agency which eventually exposed the […]

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Who, or where, is the next Australian Test skipper?

The bombshell retirement of Michael Hussey has raised a very important issue for the National Selection Panel, namely who is the captain in waiting of the Australian Test team? While Shane Watson has been officially vice-captain during Michael Clarke’s reign, his ongoing problems with form and injury would perhaps only see him accede to the […]

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