Former ABC sports broadcaster Glenn Mitchell joins 6PR

Date: March 29, 2012 / Posted by Glenn Mitchell
Photo: Daniel Wilkins, News Limited

Photo: Daniel Wilkins, News Limited

THE familiar voice of former ABC sports broadcaster Glenn Mitchell will be heard on 6PR in the upcoming football season.

Mitchell will call local AFL games for the Fairfax talkback station alongside Karl Langdon when regular commentator Mark Readings is unavailable in rounds one, two and four.

“I’m delighted to be back doing what I love to do,” he says. “To have this pop out of the blue was terrific.”

After 22 years of working for the ABC, Mitchell resigned last May following a long battle with depression and an attempted suicide.

Mitchell has spent the last few months travelling to regional areas of WA to give more than 30 presentations with mental health organisation One Life about depression and suicide prevention.  He is also an ambassador for Lifeline WA.

“Not only has it been very cathartic for me but we’ve also heard stories of people going and seeking some help from a GP after realising they might need a bit of help,” he says.

“Everywhere I go I had people ask ‘are we going to see you on the telly or hear you on the radio again?’

My standard answer was ‘I don’t know but I doubt it,’ ” he says. “I really thought the opportunity had slipped.”

“This will be a nice way to slip back into it without the hurly-burly of calling footy every weekend.”

6PR general manager Martin Boylen says Mitchell’s role is temporary, but he is thrilled he was available to step into the role at short notice

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