April 2014

ANZAC Day a reminder of the hyperbole in sport

Prior to many sporting events this long weekend teams and officials will gather together, and along with spectators, will stand in silence and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who gave their life for this country in various conflicts. Each of those one-minute silences will be bracketed by the eerie and stirring lone […]

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It’s time for the Olympics to give football the boot

The Olympic Summer Games is seen as the pinnacle for most of the 28 sports that take part. For the vast majority of participants an Olympic gold medal proudly stands as the highest accolade of all in their sport. There are of course some exceptions but none more glaring than football. The sport was introduced […]

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Is sexual orientation an issue in sport?

Much was made yesterday of what was dubbed a historic moment in sport when the major professional codes in Australia signed an “Anti-Homophobic Framework”. The parties to the document were Cricket Australia, Football Federation Australia, Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union and the National Rugby League. It marked the first time anywhere in the world […]

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Who would you prefer in your team: Ablett Senior or Junior?

The combined careers of Gary Ablett Senior and Junior reads like no other father-son combination in the history of Australian Football. Between them they have won every major accolade there is at the highest level of the sport. But, what if you had to choose between them and select the one you would have most […]

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