July 2016

The IOC has proved itself to be a joke

The IOC is guilty of gross double standards and underlined its gutless and rudderless self. It has decided against imposing a blanket ban on Russia with respect to Rio 2016. The rationale behind the decision lacks coherence. It says that it has to be mindful of clean athletes within the Russian team and not to […]

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Is Rio 2016 about to descend into farce?

BREAKING NEWS: There will be myriad drug cheats competing at Rio 2016. Medals will be hung around the necks of doped athletes. Some will be found out, others will not. Some will retain those medals for all time. Others will be exposed in the ensuing years as having collected ill-gotten gains like Russian race walker […]

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Ricky Ponting is spot on regarding smaller bats

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting is correct in wanting restrictions placed on cricket bats. No sport has been immune to an arms race when it comes to both the changes to, and adoption of, new technology. However, the changes in cricket have been entirely one-sided and slanted completely towards batsmen. Other sports have dovetailed into […]

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Melbourne is rightly the sports capital of the world

In the words of Kevin Costner, “If you build it, they will come”. In the case of Melbourne nothing could be more accurate. Last weekend I took my ten-year-old sports mad son to the Victorian capital. It was a first for both us – he had never been there before and neither had I in […]

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