January 2013

What are Australia’s chances in India?

Australian Test series wins on Indian soil are about as rare as the Swedish sash at the Miss Universe contest being worn by a brunette. Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting both played 168 Tests and yet throughout that time neither played an active role in an Australian series victory. Ponting got closest in 2004, but […]

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The greatest all-rounders since 1970

Quality all-rounders are the type of player every selector and captain wishes they had. In Australia’s case, ever since Andy Flintoff impacted so heavily on the 2005 Ashes series, the search and experimentation has been seemingly never ending. The likes of Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds and Steve Smith were all seen at some point as […]

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The conundrum of sport’s role model debate

John McEnroe was an artist with a tennis racquet. At the net he had possibly the best hands in the game. Through a storied career he won seven grand slam singles titles and a further ten in doubles and mixed doubles. But much of the McEnroe story, and indeed legacy, does not revolve around his […]

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The greatest Test batsman since 1970

My selection of the top-10 fast bowlers since 1970 in a recent Roar article was a lot easier than this task – choosing the best batsmen of that era and the greatest of the period. A warning first-up – this will take a while! Comparing players in any sport across eras is always an extremely […]

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Lance is gone but who should be next?

Whilst the Lance Armstrong interview produced very little of a revelatory nature, it did prove one thing – the sport of cycling needs a purge of some of its key personnel if it is to be believed as it endeavours to rebuild a tattered reputation. One of the key responses to Oprah Winfrey’s questions surrounded […]

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Armstrong admits doping, but mea culpa poses more questions

It has finally happened – Lance Armstrong has publicly admitted to doping to achieve his seven Tour de France titles. Asked by Oprah Winfrey at the commencement of their interview to answer yes or no to the question that he doped during his career, Armstrong answered in the affirmative. It finally drew to an end […]

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Who is the greatest fast bowler of the last 40 years?

Recently on Twitter I was asked who I thought the best fast bowler was since 1970. It got me thinking, so here is what I reckon – and yes I am expecting to be challenged, significantly, by all of you out there in the ‘Roar-iverse’ Given the wealth of nominees in the past 42 years […]

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Do doped world records encourage athletes to cheat?

At the peak of her career, Cathy Freeman was knowingly encouraged by the ‘gurus’ who administer the international body that runs track and field to take drugs. A big call you say? Well, sadly it’s not. When Freeman officially retired from her sport in 2003 she bowed out with a glittering array of achievements – […]

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21 questions I’d like to ask Lance Armstrong

In my two decades with the ABC I always wanted to interview two people – Sir Donald Bradman and Muhammad Ali. Regretfully, I never got the chance to do either. But this week I could another to the never to be attained wish list. I would love to have been the one to have fired […]

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ODI’s middle child syndrome

It is often said that the middle child in a family of three finds life a little tougher than his two siblings when it comes to affection levels, with the first born and the last arrival receiving the most attention from their mum and dad. Cricket’s 50-over game is facing a similar conundrum. There is […]

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