April 2018

Cricket’s bold leap into the unkown

Cricket Australia’s new TV broadcast deal provides a double-edged sword – more of the game being shown but a considerable amount of it behind a paywall. The deal ends a near four-decade monopoly by FTA’s Channel Nine. It also represents the first time in the history of the sport in this country that the fan […]

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Australia’s batting stocks are in crisis

When South Africa steamrolled Australia in the fourth Test yesterday it ended the first series since 2009-10 that Australia has completed a series without a batsman making a century. In that summer however, against the West Indies, Australia won the three-Test series 2-nil. The team scored in excess of 430 three times. Prior to that, […]

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Where to now in the ball tampering saga?

We heard the words ‘apologise’ and ‘sorry’ numerous times from David Warner yesterday. But, apart from emphasising his contrition, we learned little more. In fact, if anything, we ended up with the situation being even more muddied. From Warner’s opening statement through to the questions he fielded he wanted to make clear that he takes […]

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