June 2014

Investigations take time so let’s cut ASADA some slack

Those bemoaning the 16 months it took ASADA to investigate and subsequently issue show cause notices to players at the Essendon Football Club need to spend some time looking at other high-profile overseas doping cases before getting too up in arms. In the past 15-odd years we have seen a dramatic change with respect to […]

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Essendon comes out swinging at ASADA

The slogan for Essendon’s 2013 campaign was “Whatever it Takes”. It is now the club’s mantra as it attempts to clear its and its name in regard to ASADA’s allegation that 34 of its players were administered a banned substance in 2012. Essendon president Paul Little stated this afternoon that the club has launched a […]

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My faith in sport has been restored by an eight-year-old

Sometimes it takes a child to restore your faith in things. In the past 24 hours I have had that very thing happen with respect to the world of elite sport. While the sporting headlines of late have been filled with FIFA’s corruption, the standard of umpiring in the AFL and match-fixing in cricket, my […]

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It’s time to leave the laws of Australian Football alone

Is the current brand of AFL football a bad advertisement for our indigenous code? Former West Coast Eagles premiership coach John Worsfold tends to believe it is hence his suggestion to trial a radical new law. Many bemoan the congested style of play that is now part and parcel of every coach’s game plan with […]

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